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Our clients are good-hearted people who love a laugh and support each other to achieve. This is one of the great joys of our work because together we are creating an inspired Optimal Health fitness community.

When you train with us, you’ll find our core values of integrity, compassion, attentiveness, honesty, generosity and inclusiveness are just as present in our clients as in our team and services.

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I love the small group classes – everyone works hard but there’s always a lot of laughter too. After attending my first few sessions I felt right and home and it really helped me to stay motivated. My favourite was the ’12 Days of Christmas’ training day – even though we were all in hysterics and working at a pace to finish all the exercises, Matt still made sure they were tailored to each person’s needs and capabilities.

Anna Bluck

Over the years, Matt has built a fitness community around Optimal Health, communicated the optimal health message and achieved great results with clients. He is always well informed and up with the latest fitness research and practices and I am relieved he does that for his clients so we don’t need to bother. When I look back on it I think I was probably a bit depressed about my state of health and my nutrition when I started seeing Matt. That really seems like a different me because I am now so into my fitness and loving my new eating habits and setting my little fitness challenges. So I guess you could say it has been transformational for me having Matt as a trainer and I feel well set up for turning 60, not afraid of it as one of my friends told me she was yesterday. Seeing Matt has turned out to be a great investment in my own future and I am always finding myself recommending his services to others.

Kate Crowley

I’m actually not that into gyms or regimented training but Matt was so down to earth that I felt pretty relaxed in there. It was great to be able to attend a shared class with my wife and have Matt give us each exercises that were specifically suited to our individual needs and capabilities. I found his approach to training to be really beneficial in addressing a longstanding shoulder injury and within a short time felt my condition improving.

Richard Clarke