My goal is to help every individual to live their strongest life.

I started Optimal Health in 2010 because I wanted to use my career in personal training to offer people life-altering results. My own rehabilitation after a pretty major motor vehicle accident gave me an incredible insight into the immense power of the human body – the power to progress with the right support and planning. This experience inspired me to build a business based on creating such powerful progress for my clients.

Because every body is different, with different limitations and capabilities, I wanted to deliver competely individualised personal training programs that worked on getting the most out of EVERY body. On the way, I developed a special interest in activating audiences not always thought of as suited to personal training, such as those in aged care, those suffering from major mental health or general health conditions and those with significant, modifiable health risk factors.

In my years at Optimal Health, I have worked with people with acquired brain injuries, strokes, post myocardial infarctions, people living with dementia, the elderly, people recovering from injury and elite athletes to name just a few. I am deeply proud of the role Optimal Health is able to play in offering each client a pathway to long term ‘optimal health’ and I’d love to support you to take your next step forward.


Fitness Training

2108 Oov Fundamentals Course – Pilates Alliance Australia
2018 FILEX Convention – Fitness Australia
2010 Diploma of Fitness – FIA Fitnation
2002 Certificate 4 in Fitness, Certified Personal Trainer – FIA Fitnation
2008 Heartmoves Instructor – Heart Foundation
2008 Kettlebell Level 1 & 2 Instructor
2006 Fitball, Aerobics, Spin Cycle and Circuit training certification – Fitness Tasmania
2006 Austswim Instructor – AUSTSWIM
1996 Certificate 3 in Fitness, Certified Gym Instructor – Fitness Tasmania

Mental Health

2016 ‘Preventing Dementia’ MOOC – UTAS
2015 ‘Understanding Dementia’ MOOC  – UTAS

Weight Management

2008 Smartshape Weight Management Coach – Matt O’Neill

Rehabilitation Training

2015 Rehab Fx – Rehab Trainer
2014 Master Rehab Trainer – Rehab Trainer
2012 Rehab Essentials – Rehab Trainer