Optimal Life programs are designed to support people with specific limitations or barriers to training – to train for better quality of life. Program focuses vary and can be tailored to your specific requirements.

Strength2Strength Program

  • The S2S program can assist people who are not sufficiently active to increase their activity levels. Through increased participation in physical activity, overall health of participants can be improved, resulting in a reduction in avoidable hospital admissions and re-admissions.
  • There are five core principles that underpin the S2S Program: Individualised, Progressive Functional, Supportive & Standardised
  • To ensure participants are provided with the appropriate education and support to increase their physical activity levels.
  • To improve health outcomes of participants by assisting to reduce the burden of chronic disease by improving modifiable risk factors.
  • Monday @ 11am, Wednesday-Thursday-Friday @ 1:15pm


Mental Health Exercise Sessions

  • Royal Hobart Hospital: Clozapine Clinic – supporting people with Schizophraenie to access a better quality of life through physical activity and traiing
  • Lifestyle Solutions: Acquired Brain Injury patients
  • MAIB: Exercise programs for people with physical injury


Aged Care Programs

  • Aged Care @ Bupa South Hobart and Vaucluse Gardens Retirement Village
  • Working with clients up to 95 y.o.
  • Addressing moderate – high risks associated with inactivity and obesity.
  • Programs deliver great outcomes in reducing the burden of chronic disease by improving modifiable risk factors.
  • Programs work well in a complementary fashion with other allied professionals to maximise the participant’s functional capacity, overall health and quality of life.

After observing the changes in Mum’s life, I decided to join her training sessions with Matt. What fun! Over the past 10 months, I have seen my fitness levels increase. Recently, I have successfully completed the Air Force fitness test, and will be heading off soon to join the Australian Defence Force. Matt has always ensured the sessions are fun and challenging, introducing exciting new skills such as kettlebells to keep me motivated.

Genevive Hen

I found Matt Lamb to be professional, relaxed, friendly and encouraging. Attainable goals were set with regular reviews and assessments. I wish to thank Matt for assisting me to achieve my goals, and for being equally as determined as myself to reach them.

Mrs Lesley Green